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Porcelain lidded jar

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London, United Kingdom

I am a London based project manager turned potter. I am fascinated by clay and in particular the practical possibilities of beautiful forms. I aim to make things that can be used, and for their use to enhance the experience, but I am keen to make things that are enjoyed just as much while they are not ‘in use’. All of my work is wheel-thrown and hand-painted. The decoration is an exploration of mark-making using embroidery, knitting, textiles and print-making as my inspiration. These influences drive me to work in the simplified lines and marks of thread or block-print. I am drawn to a monochrome colour palette, in particular the blue and white of ‘traditional’ ceramics, although I am enjoying the gradual introduction of new colours to my range. I find the clean, calm shapes of Japanese ceramics particularly compelling. I see echoes of these lines in my work and they provide a contrast to the often intricate patterns I apply to the surface.

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