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Peach silk scarf

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Belfast, United Kingdom

Katie Brown is a printed textile designer with specialist skills in traditional screen-printing for textiles using bespoke dye combinations. In addition, she expertly creates pattern designs digitally. Katie honed her skills at degree level in Scotland and Canada and developed her design practice as a participant on Craft Northern Ireland’s making it programme. As a professional maker, Katie now offers a range of printed products including silk scarves and interior products as well as a commission-based service. Swirling barbed wire and skeletal cranes are the hallmarks of Katie Brown’s designs. The textile designer’s inspiration stems from the industrial, urban landscape. Her signature patterns provide striking contrast to the soft, draping fabrics she prints them upon, altering the perception of the original subject. Katie enjoys playing with imagery traditionally seen as unsightly but disguised by stunning colour and graphic pattern to create a beautiful piece of textile. Katie’s prints are designed from original drawings and photography before being developed using hand-print and digital design in her Northern Ireland studio. The final pieces are digitally printed in state-of-the-art facilities in Macclesfield, in the North of England and returned to Northern Ireland for finishing.

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