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Silicone teething necklace

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Langley, England

I am a fashion graduate who went on to specialise in the luxury goods sector, now turned Mum of 2. I am slowly realising my dream of running my own business, whilst juggling a volunteer role and family life. After realising that my beautiful designer jewellery and clothes were not practical for motherhood I discovered silicone jewellery. Not only did it stop my little cherubs from pulling my hair and breaking my expensive jewellery but it soothed their gums too. My necklaces can be worn whilst breastfeeding to keep little hands busy and to promote a longer feed. They are also ideal for baby wearing, they keep little hands busy, which distracts them from causing havoc with glasses, hair, eyes....and anything else they like to pull/poke! I design and make modern on trend jewellery for stylish Mums who are not ready to lose their individuality when they have children. My designs are fashionable and designed so that a different piece can be worn with different outfits. I use on trend colours so that my customers can keep up with the seasonal colour palettes. I also produce bunny ear teething rings to be offered alongside my necklaces. I am also planning to offer gift boxes alongside my current products, perfect for Baby shower gifts. I see my product range growing to include a range of teething accessories and must haves for modern mums.

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