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Solid timber `Ava` lamp table
by Hokolo

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About the finalist

Jen Taylor
LONDON, United Kingdom

I worked as an architect for 12 years prior to setting up Hokolo, a homeware and lifestyle brand, in 2012, when I decided to change my lifestyle to balance home and work life. I have always loved working with materials and considering how things come together as an architect so I adopt the same ethos and process for my present work, turning initial concepts into tangible products for the home. I spent my childhood in Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s where everything was bold, loud and colourful which contrasts with my love of modernist designs as an architect. The result is my love of clean bold shapes with lots of punchy colours. My designs are full of uncomplicated, colourful, fun and bold graphical prints and patterns, on practical, timeless, well-made objects. Seeing how people enjoy my designs is a great feeling. Outsourcing production has enabled me to build up a network of trusted manufacturers and designers who I work closely with. This has allowed me to look into products that I have little or no experience of. I love discussing and developing my designs closely with the team- this collaborative approach is the part I enjoy most.

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