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Hand tufted toppiece footstool

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Huddersfield, United Kingdom

My drive, passion and enthusiasm for life comes from making and being creative in everything I do. I began rug tufting, a heritage craft, and saw a gap in the market to bring home decor and art together. All my products use locally sourced materials and I ensure that the highest standard of materials are used. From drawing to manufacture, I lead the entire process myself to create innovative and contemporary designs. I have developed a new way of tufting through many years of trial and error. My blending technique of yarn colour came from wanting to fuse the idea of watercolour paintings into an industry that is used to block coloured designs. I aim to revolutionise the perception of surfaces and turn my products into functional pieces of art. My core passion lies within the interactions between art and craft education. Working part-time for a mental health charity I run accessible workshops ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to experience how art and craft can improve well-being. Using a mindful approached to making that I have learnt in my own practice, I pass these skills on and help the charity develop innovative workshops and craft packs.

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