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Quartz crystal ring

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Brampton, United Kingdom

I'm 19 years old from rural Northumberland. Finding a job where I live is just about impossible. As much as I love where I live it's certainly not been easy in that respect. Etsy allowed me to begin to build myself a living inspired by the land I love so much! I gather many of the resources for my work locally, these include crystals, bone, sea glass and even coal! Which is also a big part of the history of where I live too. I have only recently opened my shop FEATHEROAK, but months of research and planning came before I signed up. I taught myself how to take professional photographs a few years ago with a camera I bought with the selling of over £500 worth of Sheep skulls I found locally and sold on the internet. It's a little random but it's the only way I found I could make any money to start off my business from where I live. Winning would mean more than I could write in only 200 words! A proper workshop with HEATING in the long winter months, proper equipment for my product photography and tools for my work, a chance to expand my jewellery production and grow into working with precious metals such as Silver, and my biggest aim - Gold! AND a chance to travel Britain for more natural treasure to use in my original jewellery designs!

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