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Ash wood bike hanger

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Glasgow, UK

I am a designer-maker living in Glasgow, Scotland. I have always had my own vision regarding style and design. After completing my masters thesis in philosophy I had an urge to, in contrast, create something physically tangible, practical, simple and yet beautiful. That is how Naive Noir Furniture came to be. All furniture in my shop is handmade using local materials. I put a lot of care, love and effort in creating each of my items and I believe that that translates. I strive to combine concepts that might usually be seen as incompatible like lightness and strength, raw and polished, real and imaginary, natural and urban, naive and noir. I would like people to see my furniture as these unexpected paradoxes where the synthesis between presumed binaries can take place and in a small but beautiful way challenge the categories in which we think and see the world.

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