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Skull pendant

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Truro, United Kingdom

By nature I am obsessively creative, I studied Art and Design, then furniture making and have been designing and building custom surfboards since I was a teenager. I've worked as a cabinet maker but have spent most of my time as a full time surfboard shaper. Since 2013 my wife, Marianne, and I have been designing templates and instructions that enable people to make incredible masks from waste card. To complement our existing designs I have developed a range of bold and modern Low Poly jewellery. I am passionate about good design, craftsmanship and quality and it is important that everything that we produce reflects these principles. We are constantly exploring how we can apply new technologies to create things that were previously impossible. As a result we chose to create our jewellery using a combination of cutting edge 3D printing and traditional jewellery making techniques. This combination allows us to create crisp, bold and dynamic forms that could not be crafted using traditional techniques alone. I believe that the best patterns are a combination of material and process working in harmony, and we love the beautiful surface texture on our work that is created by the 3D printing process.

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