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Graphic compass print rucksack

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Laura Spring
Glasgow, Scotland

I am a textile designer/maker based in Glasgow, Scotland with a huge love for colour, print, pattern and process. I established my label in the Autumn of 2011 after spending that summer on a craft residency at Cove Park in Scotland designing a collection inspired by the relationship between the motif and function of an object. This led to the design of a trio of prints using the weather as their source material and resulted in a small collection of travel accessories being produced. As my company grew, my product range and print designs have increased but my work has always had a strong, vibrant sense of colour to it. I screen print the majority of my collection from my own print studio which is the main love of my business. I enjoy experimenting on the print table with colour and pattern to create new designs and ideas – sometimes the best designs come from a happy accident on the table. Creating an ethical practice is very important to me which is why I choose to work with UK based manufacturers and local businesses where possible.

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